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As Veterans Day 2010 approaches on November 11, 2010,  the School Board and district administration have, again this year, created numerous educational experiences to ensure that students learn as much as possible about the contributions of American War Veterans. Administrators say they   have made it a high priority that students and staff focus on the significance of Veteran’s Day, especially when school is in session on that national day of observance.  Veteran’s Day will be a holiday in the future. 

The Veterans Day Plan contains three elements: 1) Lessons in Social Studies classes, 2) School-wide activities for all students, including vodcasts available to all stakeholders  and 3) a Speaker’s Bureau providing opportunities for veterans to speak to students about their experiences.    

The first list, below, Social Studies Activities, contains the curriculum topics and Vodcasts that Social Studies teachers can use to teach about America’s War Veterans. Veterans are being encouraged to select a topic on which they wish to speak so students can receive lessons in advance of the veterans’ visits. 

The second list contains Schoolwide Activities in which students, teachers, administrators and the community will be involved. 

The next section, Speaker’s Bureau, contains information on veterans’ participation at schools. 

For more information on classroom activities, please contact Dr. Connie Tuman-Rugg, 434-8549 or Bito David at 963-3820. For more information on schoolwide activities, please contact Nat Harrington or Connie Ayers, (561) 357-7679.  For information on the vodcasts, contact Greg Kenney, (561) 738-2926.

 Social Studies Activities

Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution in 1926 for an annual observance, and November 11 became a national holiday beginning in 1938. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed legislation in 1954 to change the name to Veterans Day as a way to honor those who served in all U. S. wars. The day honors living military veterans with parades and speeches across the nation. A national ceremony takes place at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. 

Middle School Lesson Ideas

Graphing our History of Sacrifice  NEA lesson in which students use an online graphing tool to graph America’s history of war casualties. 

The Wall Inspires Letters to Veterans NEA lesson using Eve Bunting’s book, The Wall, to inspire students to write letters to veterans.

Wall of Peace  NEA lesson to commemorate Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or September 11th.  Students choose a question to respond to in writing.  The written paragraph will be attached to a symbolic “brick.”  Students’ bricks will be used to build a “Wall of Peace.”

Miami-Dade Public Schools Veterans’ Day Resource Packet  Includes elementary and secondary level lesson plans and activities for Veterans Day.

High School Lesson Ideas

This Was War  Using audio-visual equipment, students interview a veteran of war or a person who lived while a war was happening.   Lesson includes war veteran interview questions. 

Graphing our History of Sacrifice  NEA lesson in which students use an online graphing tool to graph America’s history of war casualties. 

The Wall Inspires Letters to Veterans  NEA lesson using Eve Bunting’s book, The Wall, to inspire students to write letters to veterans.

Wall of Peace  NEA lesson to commemorate Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, or September 11th.  Students choose a question to respond to in writing.  The written paragraph will be attached to a symbolic “brick.”  Students’ bricks will be used to build a “Wall of Peace.”

Miami-Dade Public Schools Veterans’ Day Resource Packet  Includes elementary and secondary level lesson plans and activities for Veterans’ Day.

Additional Resources

History of Veterans Day  Article on the origins of Veterans’ Day which is provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial  Website provides information on the war memorial as well as provides a search function for searching for names of Vietnam veterans. 

The History Place:  African Americans in World War II  A selection of photos highlighting the achievements of African Americans during WWII. 

African Americans in the U.S. Army  Website which celebrates and pays tribute to African American soldiers for the contributions they have made in past wars and continue to make today in overseas service.  The timeline spans the history of African Americans in the service of the Army from the American Revolution to Vietnam.

For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots  U.S. Army website which provides inspirational video clips that tell the stories of heroic African American soldiers and dramatic photographs that capture moments in the lives of these heroes.

Kansas State Historical Society—African American Civil War Soldiers  The historical society provides information on African American infantries which served in the Civil War. 

Buffalo Soldiers and Indian Wars  Website includes information on and photographs of Buffalo soldiers.

Black History at Arlington National Cemetery Reviews the African Americans buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Experiencing War:  Hispanics in Service  Website features stories about Hispanic veterans from the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. 

Veteran’s War Memorial of Texas:  Hispanic Medal of Honor Plaza  The plaza represents the courage and valor of 3,451 Hispanic recipients of the highest honor bestowed on a member of the armed services for courage in battle.

Hispanic Americans in the U.S. Army  Website features a “Hispanics in the U.S. Army” slideshow, timeline, profiles, and resources for further information.

Hispanic-Americans and the U.S. Military in the Korean War  Details how Hispanics distinguished themselves through combat skills and bravery during the Korean War.  

Native Americans in World War II  Informative site reviewing the contributions of Native Americans during WWII.

Native Americans and the U.S. Military  Reviews Native American contributions in combat  and the warrior tradition.

Indians and the American Revolution  Article written by historian Wilcomb Washburn on the role of the American Indian during the American Revolution.

Native American Code Talkers  Interactive site detailing how Native Americans during WWI and WWII used their traditional tribal languages to develop secret battle communications in support of the war effort.  Site features a lesson plan. 

An Indian Technique:  Code Talkers  Article on the use of Native American language for secure communications during war.

Union and Confederate Indians in the Civil War  Article addressing Native American involvement in the Civil War.

Native Americans and the Civil War  Digital History online textbook project featuring a section on Native Americans in the Civil War. 

Native Americans in the Military  Provides a concise list of famous Native American warriors and Native Americans who served in the U.S. military.

Veterans’ Day Schoolkit  Kit provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs consists of Teacher Resource Guide, Classroom Activity Guide, Student Resources, and a Kid’s Packet. 

VA Kids  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs site that provides materials for children in grades K-5, 6-12, and teachers.

National Veterans’ Day Ceremony  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs web page that provides an overview of the national ceremony held each year at Arlington National Cemetery.

Veterans’ Day Quotes  A collection of Veterans’ Day quotes by people such as Arthur Koestler, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and more. 

Veterans’ Day Images  A collection of Veterans’ Day graphics which can be used in brochures, flyers, or Powerpoints.

Timeline of U.S. Wars and Conflicts  Timelines are provided on the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, Korean War, WWI, WWII, the Spanish-American War, the Civil War, the War of 1812, the First Barbary War, and the American Revolutionary War.

Veterans History Project  This project, from the Library of Congress’s American Folklife Center, is a collection of interviews and documentary materials highlighting veterans’ experiences over much of the 20th century. 

Veterans Day Vodcasts

The following Veterans Day vodcasts are posted on the Social Studies landing pages for Middle school and High school:

  1. WWII Seminar: Hitler Youth – Life in Germany
  2. WWII Seminar: Air War against Germany
  3. Suncoast History Seminars: The Cold War

The following are the Vodcast hyperlinks for those T.E.N. programs.  

WWII Seminar: Hitler Youth: Life in Germany


WWII Seminar: Air War Against Germany


Suncoast History Seminars:  The Cold War



Schoolwide Activities


Allamanda Elementary School Guidance and Media will have students write letters to veterans in the VA Hospital, Fine Arts teachers will work with students on the meaning of Veterans Day, Boys Scouts will present the Colors, Chorus will do 3 patriotic songs- students and staff will join in, an invited Veteran will come to speak, our AP (who’s a veteran) will sing. Bak Middle School of the Arts Social Studies Department is coordinating the following activities on Veterans Day:  A 30 minute music video will be played in the cafeteria during all lunches on November 11 featuring patriotic American music and video.  A memorial wall to the veterans of family and friends of Bak students and staff will be displayed in the cafeteria on a timeline.  One of the classes is interviewing veterans for a class project as well as learning the history of Veterans Day.  

Beacon Cove Elementary School students wrote over 1,000 letters and cards for the troops in Iraq.  They also collected non perishable food and personal hygiene items to create care packages.

D.D. Eisenhower Elementary School is planning recognition but that planning will not take place until the week of Oct. 25th.  Plans are to do a morning presentation via in-house TV and a playing of Taps at 11:00.  Other details are not yet finalized.  

Egret Lake Elementary School will do a presentation to their veterans on campus.  Signed banner from our students to be presented to the VA hospital on the 10th by the student council.  Both events recorded and played on morning announcements.

H.L. Watkins Middle School will be recognizing staff members that provided their services to our wonderful Country with a Continental Breakfast on November 11th.  A special tribute will also be on the morning announcement.

Independence Middle School will have a band concert and a guest speaker.

Jerry Thomas Elementary School is having a special flag ceremony beginning at 9:00. On Sept. 11 this year a flag was flown over Syverson Base, Headquarters of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force- Arabian Peninsula in Balad, Iraq, specifically for Jerry Thomas Elementary by the son of a dear friend. The Jupiter High School ROTC will conduct the flag ceremony. In attendance will be the son-in-law of one of our teachers who returned about 2 years ago. Also invited to attend are Mr. Gent (we hope he can come!) and the Chief of Police, Frank Kitzerow and Mayor Karen Golonka. The students will participate by singing patriotic songs. A continental breakfast will follow.

Jupiter Elementary School Discovery streaming on Veterans, Brain Pop lesson on Veterans, various patriotic activities, discussions and stories in reading classes followed by writing letters to soldiers.

Jupiter Farms Elementary School will talk about Veterans Day on TV on the morning of the 11th and will introduce one of teachers in his uniform who is a Navy veteran.  A blurb will be put in this week’s newsletter to invite any parents who are veterans to also come on TV in their uniforms.  Bill Arcuri, who is an Air Force veteran and POW of the Vietnam War, will do his program for classes during the day.  This is a full-blown presentation of stories and visuals of how he and his fellow POWs made it through their years of captivity.

Jupiter High School will have the following activities to honor veterans on Veterans Day:   Various subject areas are doing classroom instructional activities related to Veterans Day (Social Studies, Language Arts writing, Reading, ROTC).  The JHS band made Veterans Day cards to be given to the veterans at the local VA hospital.  The students also made a “Thank You” banner to hang permanently in the VA hospital.  A flag that has flown in Afghanistan is being present to the school by the parent of a soldier who is currently serving there.  An English class has been corresponding with this soldier.  There will be a flag ceremony on the morning announcements to honor veterans.

Lake Park Elementary School teachers are pulling ideas and activities to do with their classes from Learning Village.  As a school, during morning announcements the music teacher will lead us in the National Anthem and share the significance of the holiday.

Lighthouse Elementary School At recess the principal “usually” dress in fatigues and drill them in an exercise routine like a drill sergeant.  They have a blast and make dog tags out of paint chip samples. I am not sure if I have enough of those to do that this year.  In addition, Operation Sweet Tooth will provide candy and messages for our troops.  Students in Kara Levinson’s second grade class will collect candy and bag it.  Lighthouse Elementary students will write letters for the troops to accompany the bagged candy.  The Publix at Jupiter Square has supplied four crates of candy for the event.

Limestone Creek Elementary School will have short videos on the in house news station during the week. Individual classes are also doing activities discussing the significance of Veterans Day (a variety).  We have no school-wide assemblies planned.

Lincoln Elementary School students will do read-alouds and patriotic songs infused during fine arts.

Marsh Pointe Elementary School has a couple of teachers doing video’s followed by discussion and writing letters to the patients in the VA Hospital. The principal will be speaking on the morning news that day about the veteran’s importance in making sure that we continue to be a free and democratic society. Every teacher will be taking time to discuss the importance of honoring our veterans.

Northmore Elementary School students will have an opportunity to hear the presentation through Fine Arts on Nov.11th

North Palm Beach Elementary School, on the evening of November 10th before the Title I meeting, will have a performance to honor Veterans Day.  We will have student songs and presentations by representatives from the armed forces on that evening.

Palm Beach Gardens Elementary School will be dressing in red, white and blue to support the troops, November 11, 2010.  The $1.00 donation will go toward the Safety Patrol trip.

Palm Beach Gardens High School will do a formal flag raising on Veterans day also around the county we have several requested Color Guards (flag presentation). Our biggest event is at Duncan Middle school for their annual Veterans Day program.

Palm Beach Lakes High School will be having a Veterans Day program on November 11. We will have students participating in poetry, video production, patriotic songs from the band and chorus, and a panel discussion with five veterans. Each social studies teacher will have a meaningful activity with their classes to emphasize the importance of the contributions of America’s veterans.

Pleasant City Elementary School will be having the following activities in recognition of Veterans Day through the Fine Arts rotation. This allows all students to participate over the course of Veterans Day week. Physical Education: Mini American flags will be purchased from the Dollar Store so every student can have a flag. Each day in P.E. a different grade level will march around the play field holding up their flags. At the end of the march, the students will “plant” their flags around the inside perimeter of the fence. Art: Each class will participate in creating a poster about veterans. Students will write comments on their posters showing the importance of honoring our veterans.  Also, students will do a clay activity in which they make and paint their own flag to take home. The art teacher will have a lesson on what the different colors of the flag stand for.  Media:  Students will learn about the Pledge of Allegiance, why it was written, and the meaning of some of the words (i.e.) pledge, allegiance, indivisible, liberty, and justice. These “new” vocabulary words will become a “word Wall” in the Media Center. Students will also read stories and non-fiction books related to the famous veterans in American history. These will be “read and share” activities. Intermediate grade students will write short “reflection” on their readings and discussions. Music:  The teacher will select music related to the history of America for students to sing and discuss.

Seminole Trails Elementary School will commemorate Veterans Day with commemorative in-house TV news broadcasts, a Wall of Peace, citizenship lessons during guidance classes, and historical lessons during social studies classes.

Suncoast High School -The Fisher House Foundation Club, which was organized this year by Jacob Beer, will be collecting signatures on homemade and designed greeting cards which will be distributed to the VA Hospital and the Fisher House location in Riviera Beach. The club will be in the courtyard next week asking students to sign a card for a vet in exchange for a donation of 25 cents. On Veterans Day, the club will be making a visit to the Fisher House to spend some time with the vets after school.  The Fisher House Club will also be kicking off our annual donation drive for Holiday Boxes for deployed soldiers – with our own Ms. Mitchell’s two nephews who are both deployed on the top of the list. Dr. Rachel Smith and Dr. Kimberly Duffey will be spearheading this effort within the next week.  Also on Veterans Day, there will be a special announcement made by Mr. and Ms. Suncoast thanking those members of the faculty who have served their country. The list includes: Mr. Alan Crescas – US Army, Mr. Brian Hanson – US Army, Mr. Michael Newberg – US Navy, Mr. John Slattery – US Navy, Dr. Rachel Smith – US Army, Ms. Margarita Marquez – US Army.

Timber Trace Elementary School will be having a Veterans Day presentation on November 11th (similar to the one we had last year).  Ms. Mallamo (Music Teacher) is already working on the music and teaching selected songs to students. The ROTC from Dwyer will be here to present the flag with select patrols.  They will stay after to meet with K-Kids.  All students will report to the court yard in the front of the school.  Students will recite the pledge and sing America the Beautiful. The ROTC will march to the flagpole and do a flag presentation along with select patrols and student council members. The flag will be raised by the ROTC members.  Students will wear red, white and blue and each class will make individual hats, flags or banners for the presentation. Students will view a brief Veterans Day celebration video broadcasted through the school following the morning announcements.

U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary School We will be recognizing Veterans Day on November 11th during the morning with an assembly, with our strings and chorus students performing.

Washington Elementary School Veterans Day recognition activities are as follows:  Morning TV production explanation of the importance done by studio crew and staff, School wide various classroom activities to help students understand the significance.

Watson B. Duncan Middle School is sponsoring their 10th annual Veterans Day program on Wednesday morning, November 10, 2010 at 9:45 in the gymnasium. The purpose of this program is to acknowledge and thank veterans and “active duty military personnel” for serving our country. The program will last approximately seventy-five minutes.  The Duncan chorus and band will provide musical selections, Palm Beach Gardens High School Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps will post and retire the colors as well as perform a rifle drill exhibition, several veterans will attend representing different branches of the service, and many dignitaries from the communities will be invited.

West Riviera Elementary School will be raising the Flag – A moment of silence will be given by the entire school during the morning news.  A closed circuit television interview will be conducted with our very own veteran from the Persian Gulf War, Michelle Carroll.  Also, On Thursday, November 11, 2010 West Riviera Elementary School will be casting an image similar to the raising of the flag atop Mount Suribachi during World War II.  From early morning to noon the classes will rotate to create a life size flag that will be seen by everyone who travels Australian Blvd. going north or south of the campus.  568 students will play an essential role in making this happen.  Just as the statue of “Iwo Jima” gives the illusion of being raised, you will see our flag rise from the ground to it level of completion.  Our flag will commemorate the 6,800 soldiers that lost their lives during World War II while trying to capture the island of Iwo Jima and also say thank you to the soldiers of our past, present and future for their many sacrifices to our country.

Watson B. Duncan Community Middle School is sponsoring its tenth annual Veterans Day program on Wednesday morning, November 10, 2010 at 09:45 in the gymnasium. The purpose of this program is to acknowledge and thank veterans and “active duty military personnel” for serving our country. The program will last approximately seventy-five minutes.

The Duncan chorus and band will provide musical selections, Palm Beach Gardens High School Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps will post and retire the colors as well as perform a rifle drill exhibition, several veterans will attend representing different branches of the service, and many dignitaries from the communities will be invited.  All veterans are welcome to attend. Please contact Tom Barrett at 561-776-3500 for more details.




Addison Mizner Elementary School will have various school activities. Atlantic High School – None, 2 Off campus activities and Lake Worth Parade on 11/7/10.

Banyan Creek Elementary School – On November 11, 2010, the first grade students at Banyan Creek Elementary School will have a special presentation to honor all the veterans who have made sacrifices to protect our country and ourselves. The celebration will feature many students’ performances including a procession, presentation of flag, songs, poems and much more.  Our event will begin at 10:30 on Thursday in our parent pick up area….a lawn concert, as it were.  Our families are bringing lawn chairs.  We have several veterans who will be attending.  Our students are completing a flag on “Veterans Row” (our sidewalk leading to the program area) whose stars contain the pictures of family members who have served in the armed forces.  Those who are local to the school will be attending.

Boca Raton Elementary School – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements.

Boca Raton High School - In honor of Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11th, Leadership will be hosting a special Veterans Day Assembly.  The program will include a speech by ex-prisoner of war, Irwin Stovroff, performances by Boca High’s ROTC and the Boca High Chorus, and recognition of our faculty and staff who have served our country in the United States Military.  The assembly will be held at 10:15am in the theater.  Contact: Claudia Robbins, 561-338-1402

Boynton Beach High School – Guest speakers in Social Studies classes throughout the day.

Calusa Elementary School – Special activities planned in classrooms

Citrus Cove Elementary School – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements

Congress Middle School – Veterans will be honored during the Honor Roll Breakfast

Crosspointe Elementary School – Holding a Celebration on the evening of 11/11/10

Don Estridge Middle School – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements and History Classes

Eagles Landing Middle School – Various Activities planned for all grade levels

Forest Park Elementary School – Assembly with guest speakers and activities

Galaxy Elementary School – Assembly with guest speakers and activities

Hagen Road Elementary School -They have put together an announcement which has listed a web site to log on to learn more.

Hammock Pointe Elementary School – Assembly with guest speakers and activities

J. C. Mitchell Elementary School – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements

Loggers Run Middle School – Students will be role-playing the part of Veterans from the different wars and “police actions”. Staff members who are veterans will also speak to students. This will be video-taped and shown after the pledge on Veterans Day.

Morikami Park Elementary School – Showing In House Veterans Day Video

Odyssey Middle School – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements

Olympic Heights High School – Will be recognized and discussed during Social Studies Classes

Omni Middle School – Will be viewing Video in Language Arts and History Class

Orchard View Elementary School – A Veterans Day presentation on the morning news and students will read about the significance of Veteran’s Day.

Pine Grove Elementary School – Guest speakers, will be making letters and cards to send

Plumosa Elementary School – Books, Pictures and Essays with Veterans theme

Rolling Green Elementary School – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements

S. D. Spady Elementary School – Guest speakers in various classrooms

Spanish River High School – PTSA will honor staff who are Veterans and special activities have been planned during history classes

Sunrise Park Elementary School – Fine Arts Team have projects planned for the week of 11/4 thru 11/11/2010

Sunset Palms Elementary School – K-Paper& Pencil activity and age appropriate story, 1-5-Reading books, watching United Streaming Video

Village Academy Elementary School – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements

Waters’ Edge Elementary School – School wide video will be shown.  K, 2, 4, 5th grades are writing letters to the troops and discussing the meaning of the day. 1st & 3rd grades are introducing Veterans Day utilizing Discovery Streaming

West Boca High School – Will be recognized and discussed during Social Studies Classes

Whispering Pines Elementary – Will be recognized on Morning Announcements



Acreage Pines Elementary School students are writing letters to Veterans and will be sending the letters to the VA Hospital.  In addition, the school will be inviting local Veterans to a ceremony and breakfast on Veterans Day. Belle Glade Elementary School is having a Veterans Day program on Thursday, November 11th at 1:00 in the cafeteria.

Binks Forest Elementary School teachers will be conducting classroom activities with the students.

Cholee Lake Elementary School students will discuss Veterans Day and its importance within Social Studies Classes.  The school is also working on securing veterans to talk to a few classes.

Crestwood Middle School will have a school wide presentation commemorating America’s veterans and saluting current members of the United States Armed Forces.

Equestrian Trails Elementary School students and staff will be wearing Red, White and Blue and will view a Veterans Day video during the morning announcements.

Frontier Elementary School is planning to do “Halls of Fame”.  Teachers’ requested students bring in photos and a biography of any relatives or friends that have served or are serving in the military. The students are invited to discuss their honoree with their class and the information will be posted on our hallway walls, the idea of the teachers who was a Gulf War Veteran.

Glade View Elementary School Students will participate in writing a class letter to Veterans.  We are sending the letters along with care and comfort packages to deployed American Military Heroes who are stationed in active duty around the world.  Local Veterans will come out on Thursday to talk with our students about their military experiences and military life.  All students will enter our school wide poster contest.  Winners will receive a certificate and be photographed for our local newspaper.

H. L. Johnson Elementary School will have a veteran speak briefly on the morning announcements and then kindergarten classes have agreed to have him come and speak to their classes. Also, the principal will sponsor an essay contest on, “What Freedom Means to Me.”  A prize will be awarded for the first, second, and third place winners.   Grades 2-5 – TBA.  Kindergarten and first grade students may draw a picture about freedom.

Loxahattchee Groves Elementary School social studies teachers have been doing lessons about the wars and the veterans. We do not have any special activities or speakers lined up.

Melaleuca Elementary School fourth grade is trying to find a Vietnam Veteran to come to Melaleuca to speak with the students.

New Horizons Elementary School will be doing the following on Veterans Day:  Wear Red, White, & Blue Day, School-wide assembly from 8:15-8:30 a.m. in the courtyard involving the cub scouts and honoring some of our own parents and family members who are actively serving or who are Veterans.

Okeeheelee Middle School will be having the Health & Wellness Fair and the principal will be making a point of recognizing Veterans Day during that event. Faculty and staff will be encouraged to wear red, white and blue and all students to wear blue and white.

Osceola Creek Middle School is showing a Veterans Day Video during Study Hall.

Pahokee Elementary School will read stories and share information about why veterans are important and should be recognized.

Palm Beach Central High School, in support of one of their alumni who was injured in Afghanistan, will be organizing a benefit drive that will focus on the veterans’ most pressing needs – clothing for his young child and possibly renovation work around his home (building a handicap ramp or gardening or painting or something like that).  In support of the rest of the school alumni who are in the military, they will be sending care packages.

Panther Run Elementary School’s primary classes are having the husband of one of the teachers, who is a veteran, come in and talk about Veterans Day.  Several of the intermediate classes will be having Fall Festivals in which they learn about and celebrate Veterans Day. They will also be making cards to send to the troops.  Through media rotation, students will complete online word searches related to Veterans Day and will also use an online Thesaurus to create an acrostic using the word VETERAN.

Pine Jog Elementary School will begin the day with a pledge with three veterans on staff – in uniform.   After morning announcements, a school wide video will be shown of some of the sacrifices of our veterans.  Teachers will have individual lessons throughout the day through social studies classes.

Pioneer Park Elementary School will pay tribute to Veterans on Veterans Day by having the teachers in grades K-5 read a story about Veterans from our Media Center.   The Assistant Principal  Michael Rieckenberg and the Physical Education teacher  Dave Brannan will do a special power point presentation on the morning announcements as a tribute to Veterans.

Rosenwald Elementary School will host a Veterans Day Program to honor local Veterans in the area. The Fine Arts department is in charge of the event which will be held on Thursday, November 11 at 9:00 a.m.  Also, Rosenwald will have student representatives participating in the City of South Bay Veterans Day Parade which will be held on November 11 at 11:00 a.m.

Royal Palm Beach Elementary The Veterans Day celebration will consist of a presentation of area veterans and service men and women, a play “I Am Only One American” by the Royal Palm Beach Elementary Drama Club and a video presentation.  The same program will also be presented that evening at 7:00 PM.  The daytime program starts at 8:45 AM.

Royal Palm Beach High School The principal will speak about the importance and history of Veterans Day on the morning announcements with a flyer to all students with the principal’s message.  Wildcat Dancers Dance Team will be presenting a show at Temple Beth Torah in Wellington. Individual teachers have planned lessons.

Seminole Ridge High School will be making a Veterans Day video.

Wellington Elementary School will have a Veterans Day tribute on the morning announcements.  Also, they recently completed a collection of specific items which were donated to the Forgotten Soldiers organization as a tribute to all armed forces past and present. The items will be sent to soldiers who are currently deployed and actively serving our country on foreign soil.

Wellington High School Marching Band will be performing in the West Palm Beach Veterans Parade on Sunday, Nov. 7tn.

West Gate Elementary School Veterans Day Celebration will take place at 8:00 a.m. at the flag pole in front of the school.  Lake Worth High School’s Air Force ROTC will present the colors while a guest from Dreyfoos S.O.A. sings the National Anthem. They will have a Veteran guest speaker and the show choir will be singing.

Wynnebrook Elementary School will have the morning announcements dedicated to Veterans with a Moment of Silence, Patriotic Songs and readings from children to educate all on why we have Veterans Day.  Classroom Teachers will incorporate lessons into their plans.




A.W. Dreyfoos, Jr., School of the Arts is planning a Veterans Day commemoration ceremony to honor the veterans beginning at 10:30AM on Nov. 11th taking place on the lawn in the front of the school around the flagpole.  All Dreyfoos students and their teachers will attend the ceremony.  The Dreyfoos chorus will sing a medley of patriotic songs and the Dreyfoos band will play taps and close the ceremony with an armed forces medley.  Teachers and staff who are veterans will be recognized.  World War II veterans from the community will be invited to speak to classes that day and will also be honored at the ceremony.  The president of the Student Government Association will lead the ceremony and introduce the veterans.  Everyone in the school will be encouraged to wear red, white and blue that day. Berkshire Elementary School students will wear red, white and blue shirts.  Teachers will conduct appropriate lessons in classes.  Via morning announcements, we will recognize family members and friends by interviewing guest speakers.  Students will make cards for veterans and these will be delivered to the Veteran’s Medical Center.

C.O. Taylor Elementary School students will receive a visit from war veteran Mr. Clifford O. Taylor who will appear on the morning TV show, view various websites on Learning Village, watch a short DE Streaming video explaining Veteran’s Day and complete a writing activity, design bookmarkers and create small student books replicating their understanding of Veteran’s Day

Conniston Middle School students will be invited to compete in an essay writing contest through the social studies class. Two essays per grade level will be submitted to the Principal who will then choose 1 winner from each grade level.

Crystal Lakes Elementary School is holding their 8th Annual Veterans’ Day Celebration on Tuesday, November 11.  Bleachers will be set up in the bus loop and the 4th and 5th grade chorus will do their presentation preceded by the color guard.  All the students wear red, white, and blue and all assemble in the bus loop facing the chorus, who are standing on the bleachers.  The Chorus sings patriotic songs.  Parents are invited to the outdoor ceremony.  Afterwards, a speaker from each of the military branches visits the classrooms. 

Forest Hill Elementary School will have a flag raising ceremony in the morning with the Safety Patrol and Chorus. Grades K and 1, are writing messages to the Veterans on a poster board and in grades 2nd-5th are writing letters to Veterans. These letters will be delivered the day before Veterans Day.

Greenacres Elementary School The school is doing a variety of activities on all grade levels. Students are writing letters, having Veterans speak and watching educational videos to commemorate the day.

Highland Elementary School students will view a Veterans’ Day CD on the in-house TV and students will label various armed forces uniforms through Learning Village.  There will be many pictures of a local 91 year old veteran and his many medals including purple hearts and bronze stars that will be displayed for children to see.  Some classes will create “Thank You” cards for the Veterans and third grade students will be making a time line chart of all US military conflicts.    A Veteran that was a POW will speak about his experience and life as a soldier in WW2.

John I. Leonard High School – Veterans Day, Thursday 11/11, will be honored in various ways at John I Leonard High School.  School wide, the poem “They Did Their Share” will be read during the morning announcements to remind students and staff of the debt we owe our veterans of all generations. We will have a memory wall in Building 15 where students will place the name and branch of service of family members who have served in the armed forces of the United States. Many of the social studies teachers will be conducting special mini lessons encouraging students to reflect on the meaning and importance of Veteran’s Day.

Liberty Park Elementary School is going to thank our soldiers by having the boys and girls make thank you cards.   They will complete this “Schoolwide Random Act of Kindness” by Nov. 4th for delivery to the VA Hospital before the 11th.

Meadow Park Elementary School students commemorate Veterans Day this year through a range of activities from presentations by Forest Hill High School’s Jr. ROTC and a parent who is a veteran, an armed forces shoe box parade and other activities from Learning Village and other web sites.

North Grade Elementary School  start the day honoring veterans by broadcasting a video school-wide that celebrates the sacrifices and commitments of the men and women in the air force, navy, marines, army, and coast guard. The program highlights the ways in which people honor America’s veterans during the November holiday and provides a brief historical analysis of World War One, World War Two, and the Korean War. From parades to community-sponsored gatherings, the presentation captures the spirit of this commemorative day.

After the morning video presentation, students will visit the Media Center to hear two stories about veterans from the perspective of their families.  The featured books are Crow Call by Lois Lowry and Postcards from a War by Vanita Oelschlager.  Both stories, drawn from their authors’ personal experiences as children of veterans, are told from the perspective of children who have parents away at war or returning from war. The books will serve as a springboard for whole-group discussions about the importance of celebrating our veterans each day, not just on Veterans Day.

Palmetto Elementary School is planning to invite veterans that are associated/related to the staff as well as having a flag ceremony in the courtyard of both campuses.

South Olive Elementary School will be having a Fall Family Dinner, Silent Auction and Book Fair on November 11, 2010.  During the dinner we will pay tribute to our Veterans.

Tradewinds Elementary School will have their band perform that evening and patriotic selections and music that represent each branch of the service will be performed.  All band students as well as staff members have been encouraged to share pictures of family members and/or friends that represent the branches (both past and present).

Across the curricula teachers are incorporating patriotic themes into their content area…..over the announcements the school will also have a moment of silence to honor all veterans.

Woodlands Middle School will have a chorus student sing the National Anthem over the PA.  A monologue and/or poem will be pre-recorded by a drama student and shown on the in-house news.

Veterans Speaker’s Bureau

Participating veterans may select a topic, date, time and school (option) for their school visit. The school will coordinate the student lesson with the veterans’ visits. Mr. Burt Richards, 734-7263, is assisting in the coordination of the Speaker’s Bureau.

Veterans are invited and are being encouraged to attend and participate in any and all activities and any school, as their schedule permit. 



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