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Best in Show and Best in Category/Visual Art for Striving, a linoleum print, has earned Dreyfoos School of the Arts senior, Kathia St. Hilaire, a trove of prizes.  The West Palm Beach resident wins $500 along with each category winner, but also wins an additional $2,500 as winner of Best in Show for the 2D3D Competition. Add to that round-trip tickets and hotel accomodations for two to visit the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) in Cleveland, Ohio.  Most significantly, each winner will receive a $10,000 annual scholarship – a total of $40,000 for four years – should  she choose to attend CIA.

 To Kathia, winning top honors is a measure of her determination to meet the challenges life has given her as a person of Haitian heritage in America. “I feel so honored that the Cleveland Institute of Art recognized my talent and the hard work I put into my art,” she said. For years, “I saw Haiti as hopeless because of how negatively people spoke about Haiti. [But] hearing stories from my parents and reexamining family photos made me see the beauty of Haiti. Despite the hardships my family and other Haitians may have gone through, we still found a way to overcome.”

 “Kathia never waivers from her vision and voice,” said her teacher, Jennifer Gifford. “It is her sheer determination and amazing work ethic that has helped her achieve very high goals she set for herself.” She has had to overcome the additional challenge of a speech impediment. That is why “I have shown the narratives of Haiti through the medium of printmaking,” Kathia explained. “Having this speech impediment made me discover my artistic talent and the hard work it takes to communicate. Art is an easier way to communicate for me.”

 To that point, Grafton Nunes, president of CIA noted, “In a world that increasingly values the visual in how information and design is communicated, the skills and language of visual expression are becoming increasingly important.” CIA’s 2D3D competition was created in 2013 to recognize talented young American artists and encourage them to pursue career paths in art and design.

 The deadline for entries was March 15; winners were selected during the first two weeks of April by a CIA faculty jury represented by Larry O’Neal, Tommy White, Judith Salomon and Sarah Paul. To see the winning artworks, go to

For more information about Kathia, contact Dreyfoos Magnet Coordinator Jane Grandusky, 561. 805.6203 or email



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