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Lake Worth High Haitian Students Launch Their Social Club Project

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the Haitian Honor Society students at Lake Worth High School organized the kick-off event of their social club while also commemorating the 210th anniversary of the Battle of Vertieres. The Battle of Vertieres, which took place on November 18, 1803, was the last battle of the Haitian Independence revolution against the French army.

The goal of the Haitian Honor Society is to get students engaged in activities that develop their leadership skills while giving them an opportunity to share ideas and work together on community and school projects in a convivial environment.

The event’s itinerary included: a keynote speech by School Board member Dr. Debra Robinson, a presentation of a video about Vertieres, the history of the historic city of Cap-Haitien, and a number of student performances featuring dance and poetry recitation.

‘Please tolerate and educate us so-called African Americans about your culture, your history that marked the history of the Africans in the Western hemisphere and also, please maintain your own culture,’ said Dr. Robinson in her address to the students.

‘Knowing my history educates me. Knowing your history educates us all,’ said Dr. Lockhart, principal of Lake Worth High School.

The social club is led by a committee comprised of:

President Marc Moïse (12th grade),

Vice-President Lens Moïse (11th grade),

Secretary Gardens Pierre (12th grade),

Treasurer Eronide Saint-Plisse (12th grade),

Co-Treasurer Wendsweney Joseph (12th grade)

Parliamentarian Nelson Brawn (11th grade)

Historian, Rachelle Dessin (12th grade).

The club currently has 35 members and is open to students in grades 10-12. Ninth grade students with GPA’s of 3.0 and above are prepared to become members next year.

‘Our goal is to educate and enrich the community about Haitian culture and create effective leaders for the future,’ said Marc Moïse, the club president. Moïse is Lake Worth High School Valedictorian for this school year.

‘Everyone sees the glory but they don’t understand the story… I am so proud of our students for their accomplishments and their willingness to come together as a unified force,’ said Ms. Hansje Laguerre, ESOL coordinator.

The club, under the guidance of many school staff and teachers, has already announced the schedule of its future activities that include a fundraising for the Red Cross where proceeds will go to their International and Domestic accounts, and a toy drive where all donations will be given to the neighboring churches.

For more information, contact Carline Tabuteau at (561) 533-6300 or email

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